Claude Rains (claudereigns) wrote in 12monthsooc,
Claude Rains

Serious question

Alright.  I know like what the last 3-4 posts are all mine but I wanted to know if anyone is still either in or interested in this community either the IC or OOC one.  Granted I'm known for bein' a loner, the pigeons notwithstanding, but I've been known to nudge folks in the right direction as well as to train the odd poodle or two.  I just wanna make certain that should I start makin' observations in me own personal journal that 'ave nowt to do with this community, that no one's gonna be upset.  I 'aven't really done anythin' with me journal in well over a year and I'd like to do sommat with it while I can.  ANyone 'avin' a problem with that, either "future post me" here.  Or respond to this post.  And if the game ever comes off holiday let me know that too.

[[[ooc: and for anyone worried I've lost it,  I'm no crazier than usual, I just decided to stay in character for this post as practice for what I'll be doing with Claude's journal.]]]

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