Billy Kaplan (asgardianknight) wrote in 12monthsooc,
Billy Kaplan

Will he ever mod post in his journal?

The world may never know.

Anyway, Jordan here again. Two things. First, we came up with a time frame for 12mb's group chats. Starting either this week or next, group chats will be held every Saturday at 7:00 Mountain Standard Time (This is 6:00 Pacific, 10:00 Eastern). If there is an issue with this set time and date, comment here and let us know. For anyone wanting to participate in these chats, please reply with your AIM handle here (if we don't have it already in the resources section).

Secondly, effective immeditely, any threads in 12mb after the last IC thread (This would be an Ares/Ford thread) CANNOT CONTAIN THREADS WITH UNNECESSARY SEXUAL CONTENT. This means sex threads purely for the sake of having sex, or sex threads with very little development to canon storyline and/or character development are not allowed. We all (I mean those who are part of 12mb before the October hiatus) have been guilty of this, and it's about time we put a cap on it. This isn't to say that these threads are banned totally. If you wish to continue having these threads, you can make them and enjoy them in our community 12monthscrack, located on our side navigation bar.

Tags: mod post
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