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Admin: Rules


1. Be decent to each other. We're not demanding fluffy hugs and kisses, but civility never goes amiss.

2. Be willing to post once a week. This can be a scene with another player, something in your character journal, but once a week is the minimum. That said, if there is a problem and you need to take a hiatus, let us know and we'll accommodate you as best we can.

3. Scenes with other characters are to be written in the third person, past tense format. Entries in character journals are as your character would write.

4. We encourage Original Characters, if the applications are written correctly and to the same standard as the canon characters. No 'super-powered' characters will be accepted – you cannot have an OC who is more powerful than Sylar after he's eaten everyone's brain unless you compensate with a hell of a lot of flaws, and are willing to play those flaws. We are flexible as to powers, though, as long as there's adequate explanation of what the power entails.

5. With regards to pairings, we're flexible; we don't care if you play gay, bi, straight or asexual, as long as you make it believable. We'd prefer if you didn't disregard canon pairings altogether. Changing them is fine, but pretending they didn't exist so that you can pursue your favoured pairing isn't encouraged. That's not to say that you shouldn't pursue your favoured pairing if the other player is up for it, just that acknowledging previous relationships or preferences, even in a very small way, would be nice.

6. Put warnings on your scenes. Some players may not want to read threads containing certain issues, and it's only fair to give them that head's up. We're not banning any subject matter, but we want our players to be comfortable, and warnings help with that.

7. This is less of a rule and more of a guideline: if something's making you uncomfortable in the game, let us know. We can't do anything to fix it if we're unaware of it.

Once you've been accepted to the RP, post the application to the OOC community to introduce yourself and your character, and you're ready to start!
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